1) Canon G7x Mark ii: not the best quality, but definitely very practical! :)

2) Studio Lights: I'd definitely invest in LED lights if I were to buy studio lighting again (because they're strong and less bulky), but this was such a cheap alternative that I can't regret. I use them facing the ceiling so the light bounces off and hits the whole studio more softly.

3) Audio Technica at2021: I love audio recording, so I grew a little collection of mics through the years. I used a Rode NT1a for pretty much anything until I bought the at2021. It's much more practical, tinier and crisper. I now pick him over any other mic :)

4) Focusrite Scarlett Solo Audio Interface: Coming from the bigger Behringer X1204Fx, this little interface is so cute! I do miss the fx for my solo karaoke nights (hahaha), but I definitely do not need more than 2 channels, so.. easy pick!

5) Ranger Tripod (+ this arm for 90º angle): I was using a microphone stand for the longest time for my overhead shots, and while it does hold on quite nicely, nothing compares to a sturdy, heavy tripod + ballhead!

6) Neewer Camera Tripod: Love the fact that this has a quick release plate and I can easily swap tripods. So practical!