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I use Procreate on the iPad...

...and Photoshop on the PC :-)

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1) 12.9" 2020 iPad Pro + PaperLike Screen Protector + Apple Pencil 2: Yes, the most expensive "art supply", but well.. it's quite delightful to draw on the iPad. I was Mrs. Skeptical, in love with my Cintiq, I sincerely thought nothing would compare! It does, it's really really incredible, but at the end of the day it still has a battery level being drained and it bugs me a bit, hahah.

2) Wacom Cintiq 13HD: My first display tablet, and my true love :-) Yes, the iPad is cool and portable and all, but the peace of mind that comes with a constant power supply and endless computer possibilities.. it's priceless! Speaking about price, there are cheaper alternatives like the Huion Kamvas. I never really tried them, but maybe in the future... :)

3) Tap Strap: I had no idea such thing existed, but I was very very happy when the team from Tap Strap contacted me to send out one of their wearable mouse/keyboard for the iPad. It's such a cool gadget to have and experiment with!

*Digital Brushes:

I'm always looking out for new brushes, but here are my favorite packs:

Ivna Lins (this is my first set of brushes, focused on colored pencil texture!), and on my patreon i have a second one, more general purpose :-)

Cris Tamay (dry media)

Retro Supply Co (gouache, half tones, inkers)

MaxPacks (gouache)