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5 things about me

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

I love when i get to know a bit more about the illustrators and artsy peeps that i like, so i saw this little challenge somewhere on the internet and thought i could give it a go! :)

#1 My favorite outfit

I've been addicted to denim overalls AND the combo pastel blue&pink, some weird bug bit me and i can wear it all week without feeling crazy at all. So here goes my favorite piece of overalls, pink sweater (ready for any temperature changes, huh?), my baby concert ukulele, my beloved bunny bag and fluffy winter boots (they are the best thing in this world)

#2 Things I like

Pretty self explanatory, right? hahha it also had a section of "dislikes", but i found myself hating to waste time drawing cigarettes, clubs, electronic music and hot weather, so there you go, i said it, i'm ready to face the amount of hatred (no i'm not, please like me still).

I was looking at this finished drawing, then pictured the biggest combo in the history of my wildest dreams: me, drawing things with faces with my new art supplies, taking a break from recording songs, drinking lemonade with a piece of cake (diabetes doesn't exist in this world), while it's a cloudy day outside where i can see many types of trees. Ok, let's make this my life right nowwww!

#3 Favorite singer/songwriter

Man, this is such a tough one! There are so many incredibly amazing bands and artists, and i love exploring music so much that.. aargh! But of course, if i have to pick one, it'll be him, City and Colour :) His songs are very personal to me because they helped me understand what kind of music i wanted to create, technically and writing-wise, and with that, i found out so much about myself! I simply love remembering how fascinated i was discovering his albums for the first time: the simple acoustic steel guitar riffs, passages and delicate melodies are just my favorite style ever, and the way he is definitely not afraid to show vulnerability and talk about sad stuff in a very open and direct manner is just so comforting and heart-warming.

Bonus fact: there are plenty of acoustic/unplugged intimate videos of him performing on youtube, to see how you can still be an introverted quiet performer and make people feel your music very deeply anyways, all because of.. you! <3

*also, it's just so funny how you expect him to be all sorts of stereotypical whatever for being covered with tattooes, beard, dark clothes... but then he opens his voice and heart and literally sings

"I need to see the leaves change and the snowflakes falling

I need to hear the call, the wind whistling through the winter pines"

#4 An animal that i find interesting

Well, i'm sorry for being Mrs Super Original on this one, but cats are really cool creatures! They are the perfect company, great gesture/posing models, plus they act in very wild unpredictable ways, it's just the cutest thing watching their reactions to things! :)

#5 What's in my bag

Starting from things ON my bag... Leigh Ellexson's "I'm an artist pin" and this cute pencil pin guy. Then, it probably opens up to a book about behavior/neuroscience shit, my dear kindle with no-shame YA (books in the language you're learning + offline dictionary = <3), cereal or granola life saving bars, airpods (sneaking audiobooks and podcasts in to that boring class, huh? definitely one of the best combos in human inventions), lip balm in amazing flavors (strawberry sorbet, piña colada, pumpkin soup!!! ok i don't really like the pumpkin soup one but it's a nice name), my beloved pencil case with my favorite writing tools and my 10 year old wallet that i cannot get rid of because i love the color. Uuuff, there you go! There is also a secret compartment with my personal survival kit - external battery, hand sanitizer, cables, pads and hairbands (you never know), but that's pretty boring, and the thought of drawing pads doesn't exactly scream YAAAY FUN hahahah

Here are some pictures of sketches and some swatches while i was choosing the colors behind the scenes. I love process pictures and hope you do too <3 :)

i have no idea why i render the hair on the sketches then flatten it out on the final drawing ahahha (ok it's obviously because it's fun)

first little drafts for cat poses (i polished them later simplifying the paws and changing head shape)

these are definitely my favorites! i looove drawing objects <3

somtimes trying out some colors traditionally helps out escaping the infinite possibilities of the digital world

So that's it for today, i loved drawing these little things about me, i'll be thinking of some other drawable personal posts and maybe adding more to this list, so hang in there for more! :)

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