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What I bought from Boston

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Last year i went to Boston with zero thoughts and expectations, besides thinking it was "a city with many buildings" (o' really), but well... i was greatly surprised <3

What a colorful and happy place! :)

It was such a dreamy experience to wander around the Harvard campus and Cambridge city on a gloomy cold day. It really made me feel like you would have such a nice lifestyle going from the school buildings to downtown, from small coffee shops to a big bookstore with a huge section of second handed and clearance books and comics.

I stopped by this little shop called Black Ink, and i fell in love with everything! I couldn’t stop looking at this poster that was decorating the back of one of the shelves, with a bunch of local trees in it, including perfect pines, sycamores and a yellowy ginkgo. OMG how can you put all my favorite species in a medium-huge piece of paper???? Then i went on looting cute artsy colorful items and pens.. what a hard task to pick just a few! Here and there i would not keep my mouth shut on that stupid heart-stealing poster and go on and on talking about it to one of the ladies, bragging about my tree tattoo and how i am fond of botany since i don’t even know when, until she wrote down the address where i could get one of those posters myself. Too bad we were only spending a couple hours more in the city, no time to go get me some paper trees. So i grabbed a few more things and by the time i had to pay, the gentle lady was standing by the counter with a nice little wrapped up surprise for me!! She had taken out the poster from the decoration and handed it over to me!!! Awww, these things just melt my heart, i’m too weak for this ahhaha! So if you like stationery and random, cute, funny and useful artsy stuff, please go check it out! :)

I had previously seen one of the Observer’s Sketchbook on a Pearfleur video before, and it was sooo lovely, but i never use notebooks, so i don’t really feel the need to have them.. but well, i guess it all changes when they are about.. guess what.. trees.. man, what a terrible weakness of mine.

Now let's get annoyed on how these houses have such pretty colors

WHO PAINTS HOUSES LIKE THAT??? You just can't help but want to take them home.. yes, i just said i wanted to take a house home, and i'm aware of the impracticality of it all...

I love how wonky hand-drawn things can look <3 specially with architecture and landscape drawings! i feel like there is the pressure of getting so close to realistic observational drawings that when i see them obviously twisted, stylized and simplified i can’t help but smile :)

So yes, i really like you Boston, i hope we can meet again soon, i’m glad you are close to me now <3

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