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La neige animation - making of

Updated: May 26, 2019

Moving to a new city pretty much always comes with all those thoughts of "yaay, brand new things to do, to try, to be". And so I moved to Montréal, with those on the back of my head and on the tip of my toes. I just didn't know that I'd have snow as well to wrap all that up in a nice pack of good feelings so early. And boy, those were good feelings!

long nights and painful re-dos haha

It was a chill cozy night, I was drawing a silly jacket that I found in the kids' section (therefore it sadly could not be part of my wardrobe in a sane way) somewhere, when I heard knock knocks out the window. I'm grateful to be blessed with the nicest view, and I'll never forget the face of an innocent Ivna gazing the tiny flakes and just being amazed by the whole city being swallowed by it. I didn't even think twice, just had to grab the camera and film the surroundings to show my mom how interesting it was. And so this video began. The next day, I couldn't help but go outside to explore what that storm could have done to the streets and the parks. It was one of the cutest strolls with the cutest reactions! Ok, let's also add the touch of a slight despair when I couldn't move my hands for the longest 15 minutes, because they had been out freezing for too long pressing camera buttons. Well - definitely worth it!

before/after color grading

This video means having my passion for filmmaking, sound recording, editing, color grading, illustrating and animating rekindled, and oh, there again... these are good, good feelings!

tracking baby leaf on after effects

frame by frame drawings of silly duck/bird on photoshop

color correction/grading scene on premiere

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